Carpet Cutting Machine Testimonials

Accu-Cut is the largest manufacturer carpet cutting machine manufacturer in the world. Based in Tavares Florida, Accu-Cut has been helping carpet retailers and distributors from around the world save time and money since 1990.

Accu-Cut manufactures 5 models of carpet cutting machines and offers financing up to 84 months.

Here are some of the benefits of owning an Accu-Cut Machine:

-Warehouse employees are happier and take more pride in their job

-Measure a piece of carpet or roll so the sales staff knows exactly how much inventory there is left

-Warehouse employees are happy to take carpet pieces and turn them into sellable remnants on the machine

-No more installers over-cutting cuts and wasting material

-Material can be inspected beforehand so any defects or flaws can be caught before being sent out to a job

-Save about 1/3 the cost of the machine because the machine is 100% tax deductible

-A roll or piece can be split for a hallway widthwise in a matter of a couple minutes

-Keep material clean and off the warehouse floor, back alley, or customer’s driveway

Testimonials From Accu-Cut Carpet Cutting Machine Customers

Charles Woodard; Carpet Cheap Atlanta GA
We purchased arrow, it has done us a good job, it helps us in lot of improvement, increase production, its a harder machine. Our guys are very pleased and we hope to do business again.

Jacob Manaster, Contract Carpet, Anaheim CA
I am Jacob Manaster and I am the CEO Contract Carpet Corporation Southern California and we run all Accu-cut machines and Trevor and the Brockie team are terrific folks. We always value that kind of relationship and I can’t speak highly enough about them.

David Nikkel, Stevens Omni, Calgary AB
Hi, we got the Q9 and we are really happy within our branch and we are looking for one in our other branch, it’s a great machine

Earl Blane, Carpet Mart, Cleveland OH
We got our Accu-Cut carpet cutting machine 7 or 8 years ago. It help make our 40 years old business grow and we are happy with the machine and services offered.

Victor Araujo, End of the Roll, Victoria BC
We were having some concerns with our previous machine and previous supplier and decides to switch to Accu-Cut and we are coming to one of the shows here and purchased five machines.

Gord Kostick, River Park Flooring, Winnipeg MB
We had our Accu-Cut for about two and half years and time savor labor, savor money maker.

Gary Klotzko, Fenway Floor Covering, New Rochelle NY
We have been customer of Accu-Cut for over 15 years and started off with little dark machine, traded in for another machine and then about 8 years ago we traded it for IVC 15 and we are very pleased with it. The guys take good care of it, service it, proper maintenance and a good company to do business with it. It’s been a great investment and it saved us a lot of money on both ends checking saving time and saving carpet you know cutting floors doesn’t get dirty. Don’t waste time, buy it, it would save your money.

Paul chapman, ABC Carpet and Home, Bronx NY
It’s the best company to deal with, their service, you can’t ask any better to deal with it. That’s all you needed

Darren Stevens, Stevens Omni, Toronto ON
We have had Accu-cut machine for three years and we just purchased our second Q9 and very happy with machine and there are lot of wonderful features on it and we are privileged to deal with such nice people.

Trevor sold me my machine and I have had it for over 10 years and never had a problem and if need help, I can call them and their service was extraordinary very very good. So I have been very pleased with the company and I am here shopping for a new carpet cutting machine.

Sergei Petrenko Carpet, One By Johnson, Wyoming MI
I had an Accu-cut machine for about five years saved us a lot of time and lot of headaches and made our job easier.

Norm Freyer, Carpet Farm, Woodville OH
I have lot of installers who complain about cutting carpet on the floor and getting the solution in this show.

Marshall and Ed Fox, Fox Floors, Ocean NJ
I got the carpet cut machine, its best, its hair cutting carpet, its actually fun. Q7 very very nice machine.

We bought it last year at surfaces and it’s the best machine, its best for 20 thousand dollars, you get your money back in two months for what you can save, re-rolling, package everything. It’s a just a best machine you can buy and for $20,000 you get your money back in 2 months.

For information on an Accu-Cut carpet cutting machine you can give us a call at 1-800-222-8288