Carpet Cutting Machine Benefits – How Can A Retailer or Distributor Improve Their Business With An Accu-Cut

Have you ever bought a product and then wondered how you ever did without it? Well, that’s the response we generally get when flooring retailers, distributors, and artificial wholesalers acquire the carpet cutting machines we sell. Let’s explore why your business would benefit from having a durable well-built carpet cutting machine.


Saves Time and Effort

Saving time is a major factor in why our machines are so useful to businesses. Being able to save time in day-to-day business, begins to add up significantly after awhile. Just being able to get through orders in less time, frees up labor and inevitably improves other aspects of your business needing attention.

The effort put into cutting carpet by hand or with a machine not well-designed, takes a toll on employees and makes for unhappy workers in general. The cuts aren’t as straight, the materials are harder to keep clean, and backs start to hurt in the laborious process. Your company could attract and retain better workers by having a state of the art cutting machine. They can work just as hard overall, but their efforts will be better directed, less laborious, and safer.


More Efficient and Clean

Having an Accu-Cut carpet cutting machine will expand a company’s ability to: reduce over-cutting, better inspect materials, measure rolls easier, cut sample strips, split rolls in half, keep better inventory, cut carpet over base, and more. Your ability when it comes to managing the cutting of the rolls will increase and expand, giving your business more options for better customer service and more efficient storage in general.

Accu-Cut machines are a small enough size to fit in a smaller building: our smallest machine measures 5′ 6” x 14′ 8”. All the carpet remains can be rolled back up, and the cutting itself is so precise it doesn’t create as much debris. So, this smaller space containing this useful machine will stay clean, while cuts will be more precise.


Accu-Cut Carpet Cutting Machines Are Durable and Last

We have customers who are still using the machines they purchased 10-15 years ago. This is because we only use quality products meant to last, and we construct the machines so they’ll need minimal maintenance. Customers are continually surprised how simple and effective our machines are, and this simplicity with smart design is why they last so long.


Buy From a Trusted Company Offering a Long-Term Commitment

Accu-Cut is a family owned business from Florida, and we’ve always put a premium on customer satisfaction. Because we believe in our products, we commit ourselves to a long-term commitment with our customers.

This means if there’s a problem with one of our machines, we’ll have someone there to fix it anywhere in America. We have 4 service technicians on the road traveling the country, to service and provide preventative maintenance: to keep your carpet cleaning machine running well.

In addition to this, we deliver most of our machines ourselves in our own trucks. This allows us to give free training to our customers when we deliver their machines. By setting the machines up, then helping our customers get on the right track in person, their ability to operate and maintain their machines is greatly enhanced.



Accu-Cut has 5 different sized carpet cutting machines to choose from, as well as a roll feed table. Within this selection, clients can find the right fitting machine for their needs. Our clients have been large and small in the past, but we offer the same respectful service to all.

Many times, flooring retailers, distributors, and other clients just didn’t know there was such a product available, until they found us. The difference it makes in day-to-day business is significant, and the products we create are always on the cutting-edge of technology.

Although Accu-Cut’s machines are sophisticated enough to offer many options, they’re still simple enough for safe day-to-day operations. If interested in learning more about how Accu-Cut carpet cutting machines can help your business, please contact us today. We are at 1-800-222-8288 or