Carpet Advantages

Being that we are a carpet cutting machine manufacturer we of course like to let people know about the great attributes of carpet.

Hardwood floors have edged carpets out in popularity, as the former are preferred and can increase the resale value of a house. Home owners, though, need to be reminded of the excellent advantages of carpet, depending on where they live and the ages of people in the household.

Below are some clear benefits of carpets over wood floors.

One. Warmth

As anyone whose feet have ever hit the floor on a cold winter morning (or night!) knows, wood floors can be cold. Carpeted floors are much warmer. They are more inviting to step on, so they make getting out of bed in the morning easier. Plus, a wood floor in the winter necessitates walking around with slippers or socks on your feet at all times. With carpet, people in the house don’t have to this.

Two. Safety.

The wearing of slippers or socks on wood floors for warmth brings up the possibility that the home’s residents can easily slip on wood floors while wearing them. In fact, wood floors are easier to slip on than carpet no matter what is on your feet. Plus, if a family member or friend does fall, nothing cushions the blow.

This is a particular consideration if a household includes toddlers, who will likely fall at some point in their nascent walking career, or older people, who can sustain serious injuries in a fall. If a home’s family members are in either of these age groups, carpet is clearly a better choice.

Three. Comfort.

Perhaps friends or family members in a home like to sprawl happily on the floor while talking or watching TV. This can be done on a wood floor, of course, but it’s a lot harder on the bones, especially elbows (if they’re used for propping up a head), backs, and heads. You need additional purchases, like large pillows, to make wood floors comfortable for sitting and or reclining.

Carpets, though, are already comfortable enough to lie down on. They are simply more comfortable than wood.

Four. Quiet

Wood floors carry the noise of someone walking. In fact, they will greatly amplify the sound of someone walking in shoes with heels. That is why many multi-unit dwellings, like apartment buildings or condos, ban or limit the use of wood floors and mandate carpeting.

Carpet, on the other hand, muffles sounds. Therefore, if you have a large household where people sleep at different times, or live with a night owl, carpet offers the advantage of quiet no matter how many people are walking around.

Five. Easier Replacement in Case of Damage

Sometimes, water or other liquid is spilled on a floor. If it’s an accident, it’s likely the water will be mopped up right away. At times, however, a homeowner may not notice standing water. A roof may leak, or sprinkler water come through an open window that dries before the homeowner notices.

Unattended water can seriously damage and warp a wood floor. It sometimes means that part or all of the floor in a given room has to be replaced. This is expensive and time-consuming.

Water does not damage a carpet in the same way. Water damage is very minimal. While a carpet can become stained from certain types of spills, that too is easy to clean.

Six. Less Expensive

Carpet is, on average, quite a bit less expensive than carpet, at one-third to one-half the price. Therefore, if a homeowner wants to spend more on other areas of the home than he or she does on flooring, or are just starting out in a first home, the cost of carpet can be a huge advantage.

Seven. Increased Home Decor Options

If you like bright accents of color in your home, carpets have distinct advantages. They can be purchased in many different colors! The mood of a room can be lifted with a bright red carpet. Serenity can be enhanced by a rich forest green or a deep cobalt blue.

In sum, carpets have many advantages that wood floors don’t, including considerations of comfort, cost, and color.

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