Carpet Cutting Machine Testimonials

Accu-Cut is the largest manufacturer carpet cutting machine manufacturer in the world. Based in Tavares Florida, Accu-Cut has been helping carpet retailers and distributors from around the world save time and money since 1990.

Accu-Cut manufactures 5 models of carpet cutting machines and offers financing up to 84 months.

Here are some of the benefits of owning an Accu-Cut Machine:

-Warehouse employees are happier and take more pride in their job

-Measure a piece of carpet or roll so the sales staff knows exactly how much inventory there is left

-Warehouse employees are happy to take carpet pieces and turn them into sellable remnants on the machine

-No more installers over-cutting cuts and wasting material

-Material can be inspected beforehand so any defects or flaws can be caught before being sent out to a job

-Save about 1/3 the cost of the machine because the machine is 100% tax deductible

-A roll or piece can be split for a hallway widthwise in a matter of a couple minutes

-Keep material clean and off the warehouse floor, back alley, or customer’s driveway

Testimonials From Accu-Cut Carpet Cutting Machine Customers

Charles Woodard; Carpet Cheap Atlanta GA
We purchased arrow, it has done us a good job, it helps us in lot of improvement, increase production, its a harder machine. Our guys are very pleased and we hope to do business again.

Jacob Manaster, Contract Carpet, Anaheim CA
I am Jacob Manaster and I am the CEO Contract Carpet Corporation Southern California and we run all Accu-cut machines and Trevor and the Brockie team are terrific folks. We always value that kind of relationship and I can’t speak highly enough about them.

David Nikkel, Stevens Omni, Calgary AB
Hi, we got the Q9 and we are really happy within our branch and we are looking for one in our other branch, it’s a great machine

Earl Blane, Carpet Mart, Cleveland OH
We got our Accu-Cut carpet cutting machine 7 or 8 years ago. It help make our 40 years old business grow and we are happy with the machine and services offered.

Victor Araujo, End of the Roll, Victoria BC
We were having some concerns with our previous machine and previous supplier and decides to switch to Accu-Cut and we are coming to one of the shows here and purchased five machines.

Gord Kostick, River Park Flooring, Winnipeg MB
We had our Accu-Cut for about two and half years and time savor labor, savor money maker.

Gary Klotzko, Fenway Floor Covering, New Rochelle NY
We have been customer of Accu-Cut for over 15 years and started off with little dark machine, traded in for another machine and then about 8 years ago we traded it for IVC 15 and we are very pleased with it. The guys take good care of it, service it, proper maintenance and a good company to do business with it. It’s been a great investment and it saved us a lot of money on both ends checking saving time and saving carpet you know cutting floors doesn’t get dirty. Don’t waste time, buy it, it would save your money.

Paul chapman, ABC Carpet and Home, Bronx NY
It’s the best company to deal with, their service, you can’t ask any better to deal with it. That’s all you needed

Darren Stevens, Stevens Omni, Toronto ON
We have had Accu-cut machine for three years and we just purchased our second Q9 and very happy with machine and there are lot of wonderful features on it and we are privileged to deal with such nice people.

Trevor sold me my machine and I have had it for over 10 years and never had a problem and if need help, I can call them and their service was extraordinary very very good. So I have been very pleased with the company and I am here shopping for a new carpet cutting machine.

Sergei Petrenko Carpet, One By Johnson, Wyoming MI
I had an Accu-cut machine for about five years saved us a lot of time and lot of headaches and made our job easier.

Norm Freyer, Carpet Farm, Woodville OH
I have lot of installers who complain about cutting carpet on the floor and getting the solution in this show.

Marshall and Ed Fox, Fox Floors, Ocean NJ
I got the carpet cut machine, its best, its hair cutting carpet, its actually fun. Q7 very very nice machine.

We bought it last year at surfaces and it’s the best machine, its best for 20 thousand dollars, you get your money back in two months for what you can save, re-rolling, package everything. It’s a just a best machine you can buy and for $20,000 you get your money back in 2 months.

For information on an Accu-Cut carpet cutting machine you can give us a call at 1-800-222-8288

Carpet Advantages

Being that we are a carpet cutting machine manufacturer we of course like to let people know about the great attributes of carpet.

Hardwood floors have edged carpets out in popularity, as the former are preferred and can increase the resale value of a house. Home owners, though, need to be reminded of the excellent advantages of carpet, depending on where they live and the ages of people in the household.

Below are some clear benefits of carpets over wood floors.

One. Warmth

As anyone whose feet have ever hit the floor on a cold winter morning (or night!) knows, wood floors can be cold. Carpeted floors are much warmer. They are more inviting to step on, so they make getting out of bed in the morning easier. Plus, a wood floor in the winter necessitates walking around with slippers or socks on your feet at all times. With carpet, people in the house don’t have to this.

Two. Safety.

The wearing of slippers or socks on wood floors for warmth brings up the possibility that the home’s residents can easily slip on wood floors while wearing them. In fact, wood floors are easier to slip on than carpet no matter what is on your feet. Plus, if a family member or friend does fall, nothing cushions the blow.

This is a particular consideration if a household includes toddlers, who will likely fall at some point in their nascent walking career, or older people, who can sustain serious injuries in a fall. If a home’s family members are in either of these age groups, carpet is clearly a better choice.

Three. Comfort.

Perhaps friends or family members in a home like to sprawl happily on the floor while talking or watching TV. This can be done on a wood floor, of course, but it’s a lot harder on the bones, especially elbows (if they’re used for propping up a head), backs, and heads. You need additional purchases, like large pillows, to make wood floors comfortable for sitting and or reclining.

Carpets, though, are already comfortable enough to lie down on. They are simply more comfortable than wood.

Four. Quiet

Wood floors carry the noise of someone walking. In fact, they will greatly amplify the sound of someone walking in shoes with heels. That is why many multi-unit dwellings, like apartment buildings or condos, ban or limit the use of wood floors and mandate carpeting.

Carpet, on the other hand, muffles sounds. Therefore, if you have a large household where people sleep at different times, or live with a night owl, carpet offers the advantage of quiet no matter how many people are walking around.

Five. Easier Replacement in Case of Damage

Sometimes, water or other liquid is spilled on a floor. If it’s an accident, it’s likely the water will be mopped up right away. At times, however, a homeowner may not notice standing water. A roof may leak, or sprinkler water come through an open window that dries before the homeowner notices.

Unattended water can seriously damage and warp a wood floor. It sometimes means that part or all of the floor in a given room has to be replaced. This is expensive and time-consuming.

Water does not damage a carpet in the same way. Water damage is very minimal. While a carpet can become stained from certain types of spills, that too is easy to clean.

Six. Less Expensive

Carpet is, on average, quite a bit less expensive than carpet, at one-third to one-half the price. Therefore, if a homeowner wants to spend more on other areas of the home than he or she does on flooring, or are just starting out in a first home, the cost of carpet can be a huge advantage.

Seven. Increased Home Decor Options

If you like bright accents of color in your home, carpets have distinct advantages. They can be purchased in many different colors! The mood of a room can be lifted with a bright red carpet. Serenity can be enhanced by a rich forest green or a deep cobalt blue.

In sum, carpets have many advantages that wood floors don’t, including considerations of comfort, cost, and color.

Here is also a link to some great information on the benefits of carpet

You can reach us here at the Accu-Cut carpet cutting machine head office at 1-800-222-8288

Thank you

The top 9 carpet terms

Top 9 Carpet Terms That You Need to Know

You have your ideal carpet in mind, but do you know how to describe what you’re looking for? Many of the terms that are used to describe carpets are rarely used in everyday language, meaning that it can be difficult to find the words express what you want in a carpet. Fortunately, the concepts are straightforward – once you know some basic carpet terms, you’ll know just how to find what you’re looking for.

We’ve put together a few carpet terms that can be used to help you better describe what you’re looking for in your next floor covering:

1. Backing
A carpet’s backing can be found on the bottom side of the carpet. Typically constructed of woven plastic, the backing supports the top yarn, or fiber, section of the carpet. This prevents the fiber from being pulled out of the carpet. Backing is typically attached to the carpet using a strong latex adhesive.

2. Density
Density refers to how close the individual carpet fibers are to one another. Higher quality carpets tend to have denser fibers. This makes the carpet feel thicker underfoot.

3. Fiber
Carpets can be made out of a variety of different fibers, which each have different properties. Most modern carpets are constructed from synthetic fibers such as nylon, polyester, and polypropylene. Nylon, in particular, is a popular fiber choice due to its soft texture, durability, and stain-resistant properties. In addition to synthetic fibers, it’s also possible to find carpets made from natural materials such as cotton or wool.

4. Pile
The soft, top layer of a carpet is called the pile. This is the part of the carpet that consists of individual yarn strands that have typically been twisted into a particular style. A carpet’s pile height refers to the distance between the top of a carpet and the backing. In other words, longer strands of yarn will result in a carpet with a higher pile.

5. Style
Carpets come in numerous styles and patterns. All carpets begin as loop piles, which consist of loops of yarn that vary in height depending on the carpet style. Berber carpet, which is highly durable and often used in offices, is an example of a loop pile carpet with extremely short loops. If the carpet loops are cut, the result is a cut pile carpet. These are often used in residential settings.

6. Tuft
A tuft is an individual strand of yarn in a carpet. Tufts are created when a threaded needle pierces the carpet backing, creating a loop of yarn. This loop can then be either cut, creating one tuft, or left intact, creating two tufts.

7. Twist
A carpet’s twist level refers to the number of twists per inch in a strand of carpet. Carpets with low twist levels are likely to unravel, whereas a high twist level can increase a carpet’s durability. This makes twist level an important factor in determining carpet quality. Fortunately, many carpets are heat-treated in order to prevent carpet strands from becoming unwound.

8. Underlay
Although an underlay is not technically part of the carpet, it’s an important component of carpet installation. The underlay is a layer of padding placed underneath a carpet in order to provide insulation and cushioning, as well as to increase the life of the carpet. Underlays can be made from a number of materials including foam, latex, and rubber.

9. Width
Although carpet can be manufactured in a variety of widths, the most common width is 12 feet. This means that it is often necessary to keep a carpet’s width in mind when calculating how much carpet to purchase for a given floor.