If you are looking for a used carpet cutting machine for sale please see our CURRENT INVENTORY at

Every machine that we sell is certified to work good and features some sort of warranty.

Sometimes we will have a used machine in your area so that is possibly something for you to consider when shopping for a machine.

A lot of start up flooring retailers and smaller retailers choose to go the route of a pre-owned machine to save on their budget.  Sometimes the used machines won’t have as many features as one of the brand new machines but it sometimes can be a nice option for someone looking for a simple machine or watching their budget a little more carefully.

Sometimes if a machine isn’t too far from Florida we will bring the machine back to Florida to refurbish them completely.

Our used / refurbished inventory is almost constantly changing so it’s good to check in with us in case there is a pre-owned machine that has not been added to the website yet.

We always stand behind our machines not matter what we sell to guarantee that the machine works properly when you receive it.

We even have a team of technicians to keep your machine running up to par.

Give us a call at 1-800-222-8288 today as we would love to chat with you about how we can possibly help your flooring business in regards to a used or new carpet cutting machine.

By Trevor Brockie