2014 Surfaces

Starting new strategies in 2014 will help your business succeed takes planning and networking. Surfaces in Las Vegas is one of the major conventions with some of the top industry leaders and should be at the top of your list, many have said it’s not only what you know its who you know. In the flooring industry we look out for each other even though it’s a competitive market. There is always a favor or a need that can be exchanged or a trade of service that can be offered. With a staggering amount of people that walk through the doors of the Mandalay Bay Convention Center is close to 1.9 million a year. With experts in flooring and their dedicated staff are waiting to answer and give advice ,they are willing to mingle and bounce ideas off of each other to help this economy bounce back.

The leaders in this industry are offering educational classes and unveil new floor covering products, tools, and technologies. Focusing on launching new products and highlight some unique merchandising and marketing concepts. Thousands of floor covering retailers, distributors, installers, architects, designers and builders from around the world come together for three days to see the latest products, get vital education and network with other floor covering professionals and get business done. More than 700 of the largest manufacturers and suppliers representing products in every major category: carpet, tile, hardwood, rugs, laminate, resilient stone and marble. We ask that you go and set up your booth to invite others to share in your products. Live demonstrations offer your unique product a chance to come to life and sell itself. There is no education like a live demonstration, Not only backs up what you say about the product it allows them to see what it can do and learn more about the other abilities and functions that are offered also.

Accu-Cut is excited to see new and already established customers at Surfaces 2014 we have a booth set up and would love for everyone to visit us there. Our booth number is S-5771 along with our friendly staff we have all of models of high end carpet cutting machines on display . Crescent services your friendly service department is ready to answer and brain storm any questions that you may have. We are excited and can’t wait to see everyone this year. By Trevor Brockie

Paying Respect to Canada

Canada is draped in fascinating history and a strong sense of independence.  Not only is Canada the second largest country in the world but is also the largest country in the Western hemisphere.  When taking a poll on the best country to work and live in Canada was voted number one for many years by the United Nation. Being Canadian means you take pride in diversity and multiculturalism, unity, freedom and independence, setting them aside from most country’s these values are the characteristics of being Canadian. Canada consists of ten provinces and three territories, uniting North America to Canada is the five lakes reside in separate basins; they form a single, naturally interconnected body of fresh water, within the Great Lakes Basin. The lakes form a chain connecting the east-central interior of North America to the Atlantic Ocean.

Canada is rich in natural resources. It is a world leader in value of mineral exports and produces and exports many of the mineral needed for modern industrial economies. Canada’s one of the world’s largest exporters of agricultural products. Forests cover much of the land, and Canada is the world’s largest exporter of newsprint and a leading supplier of lumber, pulp, paper, and wood products. Another booming industry that the whole country benefits off of is the Flooring industry, the Canadian carpet industry produces millions of dollars’ worth of quality carpeting every year.  In fact, the carpet industry in North America is the largest one in the world, more so than in Europe or the Middle East. You’ll discover a high quality product and know that you’ve helped strengthen Canada’s growing economy and helps create jobs.


There are numerous famous people from Canada and I will tell you about some of them. Some of the singers include, Shania Twain, Celine Dione, Nelly Furtado, Seth Rogen, Corey Hart, The Bare Naked Ladies, and Drake. Some of the sports stars include, Wayne Gretzky, Dr. James Naismith (creator of basketball), Owen Hart, Bret Hart, and Patrick Roy. Some of the actors and actresses include, Michael J. Fox, Mike Myers, Jim Carey, and Pamela Anderson. Not to mention Canada’s most successful NHL team has been the Montreal Canadians, they have won an astonishing 23 Stanley Cups. Canada has produced some of the best singers, actors, and sports figures in the world and I think this is a trend that’s going to continue well into the next millennium.


Accu-Cut has built a strong and loving history with Canada; we have established and created a lasting bond. Our Founder Scott Brockie is a local and learned everything he knows about the flooring industry from being Canadian. All of our high quality and reliable carpet cutting equipment is manufactured in Canada to ensure that our consumers enjoy the benefits of well-made and lasting machines.


By Trevor Brockie