Redesigning our world

Getting what you paid for is the main goal for our consumers. A lot of hard work goes on behind the scene to insure that everyone is satisfied with the end result. Everything neatly in its place, we feel like the best job was done. What happens when the work in complete? The extra strips of carpet that couldn’t be used, and the old carpet that was taken out. A majority of people fill a dumpster up and have it hauled away not realizing where it’s going and what effects that the final resting place will have. Taking a moment to find out how the flooring industry can help the environment you will be amazed. We are turning into a recycling generation, not only can you turn scraps and old carpet into new products that are Eco friendly but your also supporting new jobs.


Each carpet installer cleans up after they have completed their job… They pile all scraps and extra pieces and move one to the next job. There are thousands of carpet stores nationwide, imagine the amount of space there would need to be to accommodate the entire flooring stores across the nation. The amount of land or landfills is growing and one thing that we can’t make any more of is land. So with keeping our future in mind, people started recycling and reusing carpet. From carpet tiles to even auto parts, you can recycle anything. Even taking old rolls of carpet and recycling them, so that other families can benefit from the joy of something reused but looks and feels like new.


Accu-Cut offers the same in our Carpet cutting machines, we don’t just move on the latest and greatest designs. Our equipment has stood the test of time and with some consumers over 13 years on one machine. We buy back all of our machines if they are no longer needed or if some are moving on to different textiles. Accu-Cut and Crescent Services teamed up to give back to all our customers, budgets are important and we are here to work with you and your business. Any older machines that are brought home, we take great care of each one. Restoring, replacing, and rebuilding our Carpet cutting machines. Having a true passion for the things we do, takes president over everything. We are doing our part to keep the environment clean and in balanced, taking the time to see the bigger picture can be rewarding to everyone.