Family Owned and Operated

Family Owned and Operated                                                                           May 30th, 2013

We have a unique quality that has established our company and sent our sales off the chart. Watching the hard work turn in to a successful enterprise that will surpass to the next generation. Entrepreneur Scott Brockie worked from the bottom up, working long hours in a carpet store. He later moved on to creating, manufacturing and selling the Accu-Cut carpet cutting machine. He understands what it takes to run, and operate a successful business.

His ambitions and drive was passed down to his son Trevor Brockie, who in his own right has earned the Vice President title. Not only is he willing to stay late nights to tend to his consumers, but offers help via cellphone anytime. His customer service skills are immaculate and genuine, it takes this kind of dedication to stand out from other competitors.

He exudes confidence about the machinery that he promotes. Offering face time with his clients so they can see first hand how our machinery operates and functions. Answering and showing all the facts is his key strategy, when a machine is this good it will, has, and can sell itself. Quality products matched with outstanding customer service keeps your revenue flowing, and your local community standing by your side.

How many companies can get their staff to be truly invested in their ideas? The answer is very few. Most people look at their jobs as jobs; We create windows of opportunity and utilize the best traits of our employees. Not only do you have to keep your consumers happy but you have to keep your in house staff satisfied. Each member of our team plays an important role in our success. The loyalty and commitment is a key factor in what it takes to represent a company. We are happy to part of the “Few” that have a dedicated staff.

By hand

As we go about our day to day, do we look back to see how far we have advanced?  It almost seems like the Stone Age to think the carpet industry was born on its hands and knees. There is a lot of respect to be given to the companies that started out by doing everything by hand. As the years have gone by many have progressed, going from cutting on the floor to running large warehouses and increasing productivity.

How many companies make products that really hold up over the years? It’s easier to say it, than to experience it and depend on it daily. Accu-Cut is not the only company that makes great machinery, but we have proven to be the number one machine nationwide. Floor Covering Weekly just printed their “Top Fifty U.S. Specialty Flooring Retailers” Accu-Cut Machines are in Forty out of fifty of the top stores in the nation. Accu-Cut recognizes the needs of customers and offers aid and solutions around the clock. Accu-Cut is a family owned business that will be passed on to generation after generation, like the fine machinery they make.


I have had a chance to speak with many customers that have an Accu-Cut machine. I came across a business owner who has had his machine for over twenty years. Most people look at the machine and see wear and tear and are ready to upgrade or sell. This business owner wouldn’t not part with his machine, He didn’t care that his machine was aged he was most proud of the way it runs, just like when he first bought it. This is a rarity these days and makes Accu-Cut stand out more than any other carpet cutting machine.

One of my very first customers

I was driving in downtown Orlando a few days ago and drove by a warehouse that I could see rolls of carpet in from the road.
I popped in to see who they were and I saw the big sign up hanging that said “Cutting Edge Carpet”. I realized right away that this was one of my first customers that I sold a machine to about 12 years ago. I remembered the owner’s name. His name is Lance. I walked in and asked the warehouse man if Lance was available. I was pointed to Lance’s office. I walked in and spoke to Lance. What a great guy. I had spoken to him on the phone before but never in person. We sat and had a great chat for about 30 minutes. His carpet cutting machine is doing great and he was happy that I popped in. It is great to put a face to a name and it’s great to see customers face to face. I love travelling and seeing when people are happy with their carpet cutting machine. Until next time.

The number one carpet cutting machine in the world

We are the first carpet cutting machine manufacturer in the world. Our owner started out in 1985 selling carpet for a local carpet distributor in Winnipeg Canada. From there the owner went on to open a carpet store in Florida a few years later and then onto starting Accu-Cut. We now have our machines in thousands of stores all around the country. We are proud to have a welded machine that is very durable and long lasting. We are the only carpet cutting machine company to feature a self sharpening circular cutting system. We are also the only carpet cutting machine company to feature automatic eyes to keep the roll straight for you on it’s own. Thank you and have a great day.